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What if You Knew What Photos People Were Buying… and Exactly How to Shoot Them?

It took our stock photography pros years
to figure out the kinds of photos that sell
best for stock… 
and how to create them over and over again… 
so they can "work" less and make more…

But now you can do it in a single afternoon… 
and gain the secrets you need to start getting
paid for your photos…

Dear Photographer,

What if you could leap-frog past all the trial-and-error guesswork in stock photography and start right near the front of the pack with someone by your side, helping you along the way?

What if you could look back this time next year and say, "I'm really doing it. I'm getting paid to take photos. I make my own hours… I'm my own boss. And my images are on billboards… in magazines… in that picture frame at Macy's. I'm a stock photographer."

Well, that's what I want you to say… and I'm going to help ensure that you do.

Imagine how much faster you could start if you knew what photos would sell… and exactly how to shoot them…

Something happened a few months ago that really got me thinking…

Stock photographer Shelly Perry, told me she went through years of trial-and-error before she started making a living with stock photography.

She never found that person to help her along. She figured it all out on her own. But her experience got me thinking…

Shelly and the rest of our stock photography pros have a wealth of well-earned know-how and secrets about the stock photo industry that you could really use.

What if there was a way they could help mentor you personally without the expense of actually flying to your home? (And certainly without the expense of the many hundreds of dollars they charge by the hour.)

They put in the years. You reap the benefits.

That’s what you get when you join the Breakfast Stock Club. By joining together with others in the club, you can reap the rewards of their many many years of experience, without any of the costs.

They take you by the hand and guide you to the front of the pack so you don't have to go through years of trial-and-error and guesswork.

And you’ll see that it really does revolutionize your portfolio, helping you fill it with not just excellent photos but excellent photos designed to SELL!

The easiest way from where you are now to stock photo success…

Being a stock photographer is like being an adventurer. There's so much fun and surprise and enjoyment all wrapped up in it. No two days are the same.

I know – I've been there. It took me over a year of saying I was going to do it before I finally submitted an image to an agency. But now that I’m in, I can’t deny its power.

I barely uploaded any photos last year and I still collected checks.

You tell yourself you just need to get ready. You just need to make the time. You just want to get a little better. Maybe take a few more photos.

But I'm telling you: Become a Breakfast Stock Club Member today, and in the next few months, you could be fully up-and-running, with a portfolio of saleable stock photos, and sales to boot.

I say that with confidence because right here, right now, I'm going to take away all the road blocks (the real ones and the ones you imagine)!

I'm going to show you where all the potholes are so you can steer yourself right around them.

I'm going to make all the street lights green. So you can just go… and go… and go… right to that day when you're getting paid to do what you love…

Build your portfolio fast…
and have fun while you're at it!

When you accept my invitation today to join the Breakfast Stock Club, you'll gain regular guidance from our experts. You'll know what to go out and shoot. And you can be sure that you're taking photos buyers really want… no more wasted time.

You'll get the pros' step-by-step instructions for shooting those images. And you'll save time and spare yourself the guesswork of doing it alone. You'll know what needs to happen first, second, and third… and how to do it, too… so it's fun, not frustrating.

Even if all you do is take one afternoon a month and let our pros show you what to do – your portfolio will grow. 

No more paralysis! No more hours spent figuring out the best markets. Our pros already know where the best places are to sell different types of shots, and they'll tell you that, too.

Plus, as a member, you'll get critiques, answers to your questions, hot timely tips, and that's just the beginning…

You'll have the opportunity to share your best shots with your fellow members and participate in live and recorded group reviews with other members and our pros. You'll learn immediately what's right and what could be better.

Each month you'll be fired up to show your photos during the reviews. You'll shoot more… expand your portfolio… and your sales.

Just think: This time next year, you could have grown your income substantially through stock photography – and even cashed in your stock photo earnings for a dream vacation!

After all, with a steady, passive income like the one stock photography can provide, you could fund all sorts of perks. Could be as simple as dinners out every week. Or a couple of massages a month. Or funds to pay for more and better camera equipment. Or even a few weeks in the Caribbean on the sand…

That's what the Breakfast Stock Club is for: It's designed to make it easy and fun to learn the tricks of the trade, give you practice editing your photos, and help you grow your portfolio with truly saleable images, not just photos you hope somebody will buy.

You get a photography "co-pilot" who's experienced, savvy, and wants you to succeed

"I sold two files over the weekend, one from This month's Challenge and one from LAST month's Challenge. This BSC membership is great stuff!” - Joy C.

"OK. I peeked. And all I have to say is "Wow!" Thank you, Bonnie, for a great Roadmap. What an awesome issue. I am so excited about the Stock Club Membership and can't wait to complete the first assignment!” - Kim T.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the BSC. I feel I've learned so much from all of you, and the regular encouragement has been very helpful as I took my 'baby steps' on this adventure.” - Jill C.

Paula O. keeps finding her stock photos in use online, and even on a book cover… Janice S. got into iStock and her sales are building… Deidre M. started seeing her first stock photo sales soon after she became a member…

Angie Onsted D'Amico said, “… It's amazing to me how all this has brought a new spirit of passion, drive, and vision back into my life… So thank you for all your encouragement! I'm loving all of this!”

Think about it this way: Imagine if you could take a road trip with a stock photo pro sitting in your passenger seat. They'd have the map – showing you where to go, warning you to avoid this or that, pointing out all the shortcuts. But they'd also get out with you along the way and take photos… look at your pictures… give you advice.

You'd get better faster, wouldn't you?

That's what it's like in the Breakfast Stock Club. Join is and you’re in for a real breakthrough -- whether you’re brand-new to stock photography, or have already gotten your portfolio started.

Because it really is like having one of the pros along for the ride there as your trusty companion.

As a member, you'll get –

  • Monthly Stock-Specific Challenges: Each month you'll get a new theme to shoot on a subject that sells well as stock. One month might be food photography or photographing people in natural light. The next might be objects on a white background. Another could be travel stock photography... “green” themes... patterns... roads and paths... It's like having an "assignment," so you know what to shoot each month. Plus you'll also receive...
  • Monthly Roadmaps Written by Professional Stock Photographers – Available Only to Members: Each month's theme will also come with detailed instructions on how best to take photos for that theme. These guides will give you what it took years for our pros to learn, breaking down into easy steps exactly how to set up the shot, set your camera, compose the shot, make it saleable, and more. It'll be a pleasure to shoot… and you'll automatically be improving fast. And, to take that a step further, you'll also get…
  • Access to Group Photo Reviews: Each month, our pros will select a handful of images from the Challenge for critique. There’s nothing like consistent feedback to learn, improve, and know that your photo is ready for stock sites!
  • A Consistent Flow of New, Fresh Photos You Can Upload to Stock Agencies: One thing stock agencies love is VARIETY – and you'll certainly gain that in your portfolio, as our pros take your hand and guide you on photographing all kinds of best-selling themes!
  • More Meaty Interviews, Articles, and Videos from Stock Photo Pros: As a Breakfast Stock Club member, you'll get ahead even faster with more in-depth articles, interviews, and videos from our pros, revealing years worth of stock photo tricks, from key wording to processing, to hot new trends, and more… AND have exclusive Member-Only access to the archives.
  • 24-7 Access to an Archive of Monthly Photo Guides and Themes: You'll soon have a full library of easy-to-follow how-to guides for taking just about any kind of saleable stock photo! You can go back to them for reference any time. In fact, signing up now means you can get access to all the previous months… a value of over $3,471 – at no extra cost. It’s like getting your own private library of lessons from our pros. It’s a great opportunity!
  • Exclusive Access: Breakfast Stock Club members get access to a special members-only resource page with video tutorials... Lightroom lessons... teleconference recordings... model releases and tips on using them... and other surprises all designed to help you succeed at the challenge you're asked to photograph.

Plus, joining us puts you into a community of people who are all in the same boat. You'll learn from each other, make friendships, share tips and ideas… maybe even start up a group of photographers in your area, as Quebec workshop attendee Kim W. did. She told me:

"I'm not sure if I mentioned that I started a small women's photo group. Couple people that are in it you might know. 🙂 Deborah K., who I met in Santa Fe, is heading to Bali in March. Angie D. joined us in Quebec. Plus there are two other friends of mine. We've met twice, once just to get acquainted and this past weekend for a Valentine's theme shoot in my studio."

As soon as you get people together with a common passion, great things begin to happen – and they'll happen for you, too, when you join the Breakfast Stock Club.

Simply click on the orange button below to get started as a member, and save 25% on membership.

Get ready to watch your stock photography take off!

Since we launched The Breakfast Stock Club, it has jump-started many readers on the road to stock photo success:

"Got this in my email tonight: 'Congratulations! The iStockphoto administrators have determined that your files are commercially and technically ready for iStockphoto.com. Please begin uploading at your convenience.' Don't give up – I was rejected several times before tonight. Can't wait to start selling some photos!" – Andrea R.

"I finally started submitting images a couple weeks ago – after procrastinating since 2006! I have two accepted at Dreamstime and 24 at Bigstock with eight or so pending at Fotolia and Dreamstime. So far I'm just going through the pics I've taken in the last four years, but hope to set up a mini 'studio' at home for when I can't find the courage to go out in the cold this winter." – Margaret G.

"Uploaded two pics of Christmas ornaments that I fooled around with and one was accepted. Three days later it had four views and two sales. Only uploading to Dreamstime at the moment – got five pics accepted – with total of three sales (one is from the carving village in Ecuador) I can see with just my five little pics that when you start having decent numbers in your uploads how the pennies roll in and make dollars! From five pics to 10,000 pics – one shutterclick at a time… " – Kathleen U.

"I am sooo excited. I took time off to write travel articles. Then, I just checked my stock sites. I've sold photos!! In fact, four just this week – and one was an extended RF license." – Caroline M.

"Well, heartening news… I sold a photo on Shutterpoint, at the extra large size. A rose macro. I'm up to a whole $10!! (on a combination of everywhere I've sold something… ) halfway to breakfast!" – Joy C.

And, again from Joy C.: “Hi guys, sold a pic today on Shutterpoint for full price, $50!! whoohoo!”

"Yay! Five accepted into Bigstock. I met my goal for this week. I will be submitting more to Fotolia and others." – Rebecca R.

“I absolutely love doing these challenges. It has forced me to be more acquainted with my camera and when I read all the articles that have been put out there for us, well, they make more sense.” – Linda C.

I hope you’ll join us.

Just think how much further you'll go… how many more sales you can make… how many more things you'll be able to do with your time once you have a passive income stream up and running…

Breakfast Stock Club Membership will make it all more fun… make it easier… make it straightforward. So that this time next year, you’re getting paid for doing what you love…

But that's not even the best part…

Lock in your Membership Today for 25% off!

If you could hire one of our stock photo pros to mentor you personally, they'd charge several hundred dollars an hour. After all, time spent mentoring you is time they could have spent making money for themselves, taking photos, uploading photos, processing, etc. It's also down time they might have spent with their family, on a trip, or out with friends.

You could reasonably spend $2,400, $3,600 or more a year for personal guidance from stock photo pros. And it would be worth every penny (especially if it meant you could earn that fee back from stock photo sales).

But when you join the Breakfast Stock Club, you won't pay anywhere near $3,600 a year.

The regular price for Breakfast Stock Club membership is just $39 a month… which comes out to $468 per year…

But with this special offer today, you can get in for even less…

When you join today, I’ll give you an extra 25% off -- the equivalent of three months of membership for FREE… which means that you can join for just $29.25 per month. An investment you could easily recoup with just a smattering of photo sales, straight out of the starting gate.

I was excited when I hit my first $20 a week goal and that was without the monthly photo Roadmaps that you'll get. Now I’ve seen thousands of dollars in sales because membership has helped me stay current as to what’s going on.

Membership is motivation to get out, shoot new things, and try new things, too. For example, I tried a studio set-up outside on my back deck – using white poster board and natural light -- to see if I could show members how to isolate objects this way. It worked, and I ended up loving this method!

We’re like a community -- all here to help, motivate and inspire each other. I really hope you’ll join us. You’ll love it.

Join today and you’ll have a chance to learn from this month’s Challenge with the current "Photo Roadmap" to lead the way. It’s a VERY saleable photo theme that’s not only hot right now -- but also very approachable.

Plus you’ll get over $3,000 worth of the
best bonuses...

Plus, as I mentioned, you’ll get all the previous months of Roadmaps, how-to videos, and other members-only learning tools FREE (a VALUE of over $3,471).

These include step-by-step instructions for photographing and selling pictures on a white background… from the holidays… taken in the great outdoors… of your friends and family and more.

It’s a constant nudge to get your camera out and it’s FUN. Plus, you can be confident that you're shooting something buyers want every month.

You’ll also receive a free copy of our insider guide: Hot Stock Photography Trends (value $29.95). Updated each year by professional stock photographers, it reveals exactly which subjects will sell best for you right now.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy researching the trends for this year so members can take the right kind of photos… and avoid wasting time submitting images that won’t sell. It could take you months to figure this out on your own. Now you can spend that time pulling in an income, instead!

And, not only will you get the full lowdown on the hot stock trends for this year, but we also show you simple tricks you can use to capture these images. This is an invaluable guide. And coupled with the videos, advice, and mentoring Breakfast Stock Club members receive, it’s the fastest way to get you started THIS YEAR... so you can turn your photos into a nice passive income stream.

It’s a great way to start your photography experience on the right foot... and it’s yours to keep when you join the Breakfast Stock Club today.

If you're ready to go from where you are now to the front of the pack... if you're ready to have a life where you control your hours and you get paid for doing something you love...

... then join us as a Breakfast Stock Club member now... and get ready to put yourself on the path to success...


Bonnie Caton

P.S. If you do it right now, you get our insider guide, Hot Stock Photography Trends (value: $29.95) for free... and lock in that 25% membership discount for as long as you stay with us.

Plus, you’ll get immediate access to a library of Roadmap guides on stock-worthy photo subjects. Just pick any subject you like, read the guide, and go take some new stock photos!

And of course, you can cancel anytime. Just give it a try. If you decide it’s not for you, no problem.

Click below now to join…

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