A new, fun (and some say crazy) way to cover your household bills AND fund your travel account… in 10 minutes a day or less…

Fast CompanyU.S. News… all agree. This is an innovative way to make spare cash.

Dear Reader,

Hi, I'm Lori Allen…

And I promise you…

You've never heard anything so crazy as what you're going to hear from me today.

Now, if that sounds like an odd way to start off a presentation like this, just wait…

I'm about to redefine what "making extra cash to fund more travel or create a new life overseas" is all about.

In fact when I first heard about some of the things I'm going to share with you today… I nearly fell off my chair.

I can't tell you how many times I said:

"You're serious? People actually pay you to do those things?"

But the more I listened… the more I understood…

And what I discovered was there are literally tens of thousands of people making money this way.

And the incredible thing is they can make $20… $50… sometimes several hundred dollars a day doing it… in under 10 minutes… over their morning coffee… while taking the train to work… or at the start of their lunch breaks.

Of course, I immediately thought of you.

Because, as the Director of the world's largest travel site on funding vacations and making an income doing something fun, I can't tell you how many people come to me looking for a way to make extra money to fund their love for travel. We've shared lots of ideas with you: travel writing, photography, import/export, blogging, videos, and tours… all good!

But, I promise you, none are as quick or easy as what I'm going to share with your today: 20 – 40 minutes and you’re done. Sometimes, it takes only 5 – 10 minutes.

It’s something you can easily squeeze into your mornings – before you head off to work or start your regular routine. And, what a great feeling… to know you can top up your travel account—even before the clock strikes 9 a.m.!!

Now, before I get into it, let me tell you how I learned about this wacky and fun way to make money in your spare time.

It all started when a friend of mine told me what he did to earn extra cash on the side. He called it a “small gig.” He said his gig is to type a message onto paper (any message)… stuff it into a bottle… then, toss the “message in a bottle” into the ocean.

“You’re kidding me!” I said.

But he wasn’t joking around. You can listen in, right here.

I mean, it’s outrageous that people pay him to do this. But they do.

In fact, he had enough cash to fund a family trip in the U.S. within 2 months of getting started… then, he surprised his family with a trip to Bermuda…

And, he introduced me to other people funding trips from their own “small gigs”:

  • Amy earned $3,000, which she used to fund a trip to Tanzania…

  • Holly made over $1,500 and treated herself to San Francisco… Monterey Bay… and visited Yosemite National Park to see the sights that inspired photographer Ansel Adams and naturalist John Muir…

  • Mavro flew from Croatia to California… visited Disneyland… and is now planning a trip to New Zealand. His gigs earn him so much money, he was even able to quit his full-time job, which is unheard of in his home country of Croatia. As he says “you are supposed to keep your full-time job, no matter what!”

If you set aside 10 minutes each morning, you could earn a spare $50… $250… or even $1,000 each month… all before the clock strikes 9 a.m.

What trip would you love to fund?

Would you fund a trip within Europe, South America, or Asia?

Would you love to visit Australia or New Zealand? Or Africa?

Or how about Italy… Spain… Ireland… or France?

No matter where you’d love to go – consider it done. This is a fast, simple, fun way to make extra cash. Earned from ANYWHERE in the world with Internet access.

This opportunity is all over the news, too.

Take a look:

Fox News said: "The Internet has matured in a very interesting fashion. In the beginning, people were just using it to find things, to do certain things to interact, and this is the next step."

U.S. News describes it as an opportunity that’s, “Helping people make money by selling their skills online.”

ABC 7 News in San Francisco interviewed Kristin P., who writes press releases for people, does audio mixes, and more. Kristin said she works one and a half hours a day, and makes about $100 a week doing this. It’s made her more than $9,000 in a two-year span working less than two hours a day.

Fast Company says the opportunity “is rapidly growing… ”

And The New York Post and Yahoo! Finance included how Chris F., a New York City actor, is already earning up to $2,000 a month doing gigs that take about 5 minutes.

Now, these small gigs won’t make you a millionaire. I’m not even sure you can earn six-figures or $60,000 a year with it (though, you’ll meet a few people who earn close to that, and might argue otherwise). But the money is easy. And it’s fun.

Fund your next vacation with
a few fun phone calls

Picture this (because it’s a real-life example from someone already doing this)…

Your alarm goes off at 5:30 am. You pick up the phone. Dial a number. And, give someone a wake-up call in Brooklyn.

That’s it. You’re done. You’re paid.

Not even 60 seconds. And, you can go back to sleep if you want.

That’s a gig someone got paid to do.

Here’s another…

Let’s say you can sing. And, a lady asks you to call her up to sing a reminder about giving her cat medicine. Yes, it’s a little different. But like I said earlier, you’ve never heard anything so weird and crazy as what I’m going to share today…

… And, this is a paying gig. So you brew a little coffee. Dial the number. Sing something like, “It’s time to give your cat medicine.” And, you’re done.

Your coffee is still hot. And, more money is deposited into your travel account. NICE!!

This was a gig that 47-year old, Chris Hardy from North Carolina got paid for. He’ll sing whatever you want. He does cartoon voices, too, like Homer and Marge from The Simpsons, and Kermit the Frog from The Muppets. Several of his gigs are only 60 seconds. Simple. Short. Fun. And, he’s made over $4,000. Not bad, for having fun!

Brandon offers 7 different gigs – one of which is as simple as giving “likes” on Facebook pages. Something he can easily do over a hot cup of cocoa. And he’s earned $6,625 so far.

Imagine if you had $6,625 or more
in your travel account…

You could escape to the white-sand beaches of Bali for six nights… or to the most romantic city on earth – Paris, France… or to the South Pacific, marveling in its natural beauty… and still have money left over to put toward your next adventure.

Or how about earning $9,280 to read short letters or blogs… (Imagine all the trips you could fund with that amount of cash!)

One gig that’s possible, for example, is to provide editing for someone’s blog. You’ll read their note with fresh eyes. You might add in a missed word or a comma. Shorten a sentence or two. Simple tweaks. Something you can do while sipping an espresso.

You email your edits back to the buyer. Return to your espresso. Get paid.

This is one of the “gigs” Jeff Kirwin provides. And, he’s turned his editing skills into a side income of $9,280! Not bad for work he can finish over coffee.

So what's this that the media's buzzing about… and has thousands of ordinary people – from college students to housewives to retirees – pocketing as much as $300 a day in their spare time?

Forbes magazine calls the opportunity “Micro entrepreneurship.”

“As people start monetizing their skills, experiences, and resources in non-traditional ways for themselves and not for a corporate employer, they’ve begun their journey of Micro Entrepreneurship,” says the Forbes article.

The idea of micro entrepreneurship isn’t new (people have been building small business from home for years). What’s new today is the Internet technology that’s making it possible for people like us to become micro-entrepreneurs without real business skills, start-up capital or training.

It’s the idea that small jobs can add up to real business income.

I like calling these small jobs “microgigs” – because just as the name “micro” suggests – these are small freelance gigs. Something you can easily do in 10 minutes or less: a phone call here… a Facebook “like” there… a few tweaks to a blog entry…

But remember what I told you at the start of this presentation:

Several of the gigs I share with you are so odd – you’re going to think I'm crazy when I tell you some of the things people are willing to pay you for…

For example:

  • Mary’s most popular gig includes short videos of her pet bird, Pickle, dancing around company logos. Business Insider quoted her saying, "Over the past year, it's grown to five to fifteen orders per day, with people spending different amounts (between $10 and $20). To date, I've made $10,000 and the money just keeps growing."

  • A “puppet” called Professor Hans Van Puppet has made its creator more than $15,000 – presenting people’s messages on short video clips. This distinguished-looking (puppet) gent with glasses, curly white hair, and a mustache has appeared in the business section of Time magazine! (Check out a video that Professor Hans Van Puppet made for me on the right!)

  • Jill’s made over $2,160 dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, singing Happy Birthday, and blowing a kiss at the end of her video…
  • Adam will speak your message – up to 30 seconds in length – as the famous wizard character, Harry Potter. This gig has made him over $1,710…

  • Angie has earned over $1,900 spelling a word or two using alphabetti spaghetti… presenting it on a slice of toast or on a plate… and sending you a photo of it…

  • Bethany has earned enough for an international flight – standing in a banana costume, saying whatever you want, and doing a little dance (if you’re lucky)…

  • Gina has earned enough for a domestic flight – hip hop dancing to a person’s favorite song for up to 60 seconds…

  • Jason gets paid to “like” and “comment” on funny YouTube videos… Karen will draw your logo on her hand and take a picture of it… Cindy draws on the bottom of her toes… Kate will sneeze for you… Pete does animal impressions such as a squirrel eating a nut…

Of course, not all "microgigs" are so nutty. Some are actually important and useful. For example:

  • Allie is artistic and gets paid to create gifts such as small paintings and craftwork. As of this writing, she’s already made $4,850… 

  • Katie offers 20 different gigs – including writing blog posts and Facebook content, earning $4,975 so far…

  • Gilbert turned his Internet marketing skills into an extra $3,385…

  • Tony, working just a few minutes a week, has already earned over $600 using his skills as a radio show announcer, to help business owners promote their products and services…

  • Susan has earned more than $2,900 using her skills as an artist…

  • Barry has made $4,500 using his skills as a computer programmer…

  • Jake has earned over $5,000 sending people his diet and workout plan…

  • Vicki’s earned $9,060 so far, and one of her gigs is simply sharing pet tips…

  • Stefan gets paid to tell you where the 5 best tea houses are in Romania… Anna will mail candy and chocolate to you from Germany… Daniel will help you plan a 3-5 day trip to Japan… Eva will answer questions about Italy… and on and on it goes…

And, do you know what the best part is (aside from the quick income you can earn)?

You don’t need any new skills
or experience to get started…

You can get started using your existing skills, insight, and knowledge. You can let your fun side run wild. Or, you can do what interests you.

I gave it a shot, too. And within three days I got my first paid gig to write a comment on someone’s blog. I wrote 11 sentences about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I went a few years ago with a couple friends and said: the mud is slippery, the water gets warmer in the center and Iceland Air offers great stopovers that, for us, meant a stopover in Iceland was actually cheaper than flying direct to Paris.

And that’s it. I was finished and paid before the kids even asked for their Saturday morning cartoons.

You can do something like this too – get paid to leave comments on people’s blogs about places you’ve traveled or the things you’re most interested in – pets, food, wine, you name it!

Microgigs truly can be as simple as liking a person’s Facebook page… drawing a caricature… editing a photograph… or creating a grocery list. And, you can earn a quick $5 – $10 here… $25 – $150 there…

Or you could try something completely new like Andrew. He swapped his 9-5 as a marketer in the corporate world for microgigs. He now works from home, doing something he loves. He’s a voiceover artist. “I’m amazed at how much money I’m able to make. The down payment for my house came from this work.”

It’s incredible.

To hear how Marc got started doing these gigs, listen here…

Think you can do these things? Want to give it a try? Then meet a good friend of mine, Marc Charles.

You may have heard that name before. I’ve used Marc as a mentor on a few of our programs because he’s one of the savviest entrepreneurs I know.

People have referred to him as “The Launch King,” and “The KING of Business Opportunities,” because he’s got a knack for attracting opportunities that are easy to start, and quick to earn income in. Like this one.

Marc literally wrote the book on Microgigs: what they are, how to get them, what to charge, how to get paid, and he’s generously shared everything you need for success in our new program, Microgig Riches.

Follow the guidance in this program, and it’s entirely possible to earn an extra $10,000 – $20,000 a year – doing these small gigs – to supplement your retirement or your travel fund. All before breakfast hits the table.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to go from earning $5 – $10 per gig to $25 and up for simple phone calls… e-mails and Facebook likes!

  • Why reputation is everything in this microgig world – and the 7 closely-guarded secrets that guarantee a world-class reputation… so your microgig income grows in leaps and bounds.

  • What gigs could you do? Use this insightful advice, and you’ll easily come up with a dozen or more gig ideas – sprung from your existing skills, talents, experience, or humor… and that only take a few seconds or minutes to do…

  • How to make money in 2 weeks or less.

 … and much, much more… so you’re funding a trip within the U.S. or a global adventure in a matter of a few months from now.

In fact, I’d like to help you fund a flight within the U.S. in less than three months. Here’s how I plan on doing this…

ACT NOW and Get a FREE Bonus Guide on
How to Make Your First $500

In our exclusive new guide, How I Made My First $500 in Less than 3 Months in Just a Few Minutes Before Breakfast, you’ll learn exactly how to do the same: Earn your first $500 in less than 3 months… and do it all, before you sit down for breakfast.

This means, in only a few short months from now, your mornings could add up to $500 – helping to fund a flight to New York… San Francisco… Washington… Chicago… New Orleans… or anywhere else within the country. Visit family. See a new city. Or, re-visit your favorite place. The choice is yours!

You might even use that $500 to fund a weekend getaway, within a short driving distance from where you are now.

You choose where you want to go. But, that $500 is what I want for you, with this free guide.

Of course, our program, Microgig Riches, will show you more advanced secrets so you’re earning even more money over breakfast… during a lunch break… or between commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.

The goal is to help you fund global travel – flight, accommodation, attractions—the works!! Or provide a nice side income so you have the freedom to live anywhere in the world.

And, because of that, I believe the price tag we’ve put on Microgig Riches is incredibly fair.

You can get started anywhere – even if you’re on vacation.

Claire started her microgigs while on vacation, in Jamaica! She said,“… within a few hours, I received my first orders. I was amazed! I’m hooked.”

Note: When we finished the first draft of Microgig Riches we sent it to 6-8 people working on ‘microgigs’ or just getting started in ‘microgigs.’ These are their thoughts on the program.

My biggest secret for generating a full-time income with ‘microgigs’ is exactly what Marc Charles describes in his program. I focused on developing ‘microgigs’ with a current market demand only. In other words, I do not waste time offering ‘microgigs’ that do not sell or that nobody wants… This is much better than trying to find freelance work.” – Mark J., Hamilton Bermuda

– Jessie B. from New York loves the flexibility and freedom to live life, her way. She says, “The best part of the ‘microgig’ economy for me is being able to turn it off and on as needed. In other words, on all of the ‘microgig’ exchanges, I work on they have features which enable me to ‘pause’ all of my gigs whenever I want to. By ‘pausing’ gigs and projects I’m able to take trips, long weekends, or just a one day break. However, the ‘microgigs’ are easy [so] I often take them with me when I travel or go on vacation.”

David R., a professional voice-over actor, said, “I got involved with ‘microgigs’ as a fun way to make extra money on the side. This has worked out fabulously for me. I’m able to work my side business from anywhere in the world. It’s fast, easy and it really helps other people and businesses.”

Asa D. from San Diego, California, played around with “microgigs” for about two years. Then he learned a business strategy that changed everything. “Today I only work a few hours a week but I make a full-time income! It is amazing,” he said.

What is the one thing he did to increase his income? You’ll find out in Microgig Riches. I mean, if the same strategy Asa used could earn you a full-time income – doing microgigs only a few hours a week, you could fund anything you’d like – traveling the world or retiring overseas, with plenty of free time on your hands.

But you won’t pay $1,000… not even $500 to discover this gem of a secret – or any of the other incredible, insider knowledge in Microgig Riches.

Invest only $279 to learn how to fund an extra vacation or two each year…Over coffee!

How does an extra vacation or two each year – funded entirely through the income you earn over coffee – sound?

It’s possible you could even enjoy more trips each year. Earlier, I told you about the “puppet act” that’s already made $15,000. That amount could go a long way in funding travels or supplementing your income so you can fund an exciting new life overseas.

You really can have fun at this and let your creativity run wild … or use existing skills. Some people, who spend a little more time at this, make eye-raising amounts like Dino who has made $99,295. What does he do? Well, if you ever have computer problems, Dino provides IT support, among other things…

Barrett, a professional writer, has made $93,730 doing writing gigs…

Sangat, a graphic designer, uses his skills to earn an extra $53,405 in cash…

Jared has made $27,990 so far – showing people how to use Twitter…

When you learn what they know, you’ll fill up that travel account of yours, in no time – and have a great time doing it. But like I said before, you won’t pay even $500 to discover how to achieve all of this.

Free bonus guide on how to make your first $500 when you respond today!

Act now, and you’ll receive our exclusive new guide, How I Made My First $500 in Less than 3 Months in Just a Few Minutes Before Breakfast. The insights in this guide will get you started making money, over your daily morning coffee. And, it’s yours to keep, free, no matter what you decide.

So, you can see, by acting now – you come out ahead: You’ll definitely have enough to fund a flight within the U.S. within the next few months.

Of course, Microgig Riches builds upon the guidance you’ll receive in your FREE guide – so it’s possible to fund a global trip within the next few months.

However, please take a look for yourself. See what you think. And, please do so, without any risk at all. I want you to know this will work for you – and to ensure this, please accept our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you want to travel more… this is your chance to fund it.

If you want to pack up your bags and move overseas… this is your chance to gain the extra funds to make it happen.

And, to do it all… one freshly brewed coffee at a time…

Try a gig or two in your spare time. See how much fun it is. Make a goal of what trip you’d like to fund first… maybe someplace in the U.S. to start… then, somewhere overseas – anywhere at all.

And watch it happen.

It takes a couple of weeks to get your account “established.” You’ll find quick, 2-minute videos in the program that walk you through all the steps.

But if you watch them and decide this isn’t right for you, just let us know. We’ll refund your investment.

If, on the other hand, you agree that this is a great way to earn more money for your travels – without a job – and before breakfast hits the table, then set up your account and prepare to have fun.

Earn money for travel – without a job – and do it all before breakfast hits the table…

If you’re looking for an extra $250 – $1,000 a month, or even more, this is worth checking out.

It’s so easy to get started. All you do is take a skill you already have… or let your fun side run wild, and have a blast.

Microgig Riches shows you where the opportunities are, and how to maximize the income you can make. It also walks you through the application process, so you’re up and running in a single evening… making money for travel, over your favorite coffee.

That’s what makes this opportunity so unique: You can start these gigs over your morning coffee – and be done, even before your cup of Joe is. Or, if you’re not a morning person, you can earn money from these gigs over a leisurely afternoon coffee… or through the ad breaks of your favorite TV show.

If you’d like to learn how now is the time to act.

To your fun travel adventures,

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. I got my first gig within three days of reading Marc’s program. It really is EASY cash. And, it’s so much fun.

Your free gift: How I Made My First $500 in Less than 3 Months in Just a Few Minutes Before Breakfast, is just icing on the cake.

And like I said, the risk is on us. If you don’t think Microgig Riches can work for you, you can take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and get your money back.

But I hope you’ll at least give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole new way of making money to gain.

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