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Spend Three Days with Us
in Little Rock, September 13-15 and...

Discover the secrets to traveling the world for free… Seeing your name in print… and getting paid as a travel writer

We’ll even introduce you to several publications ready to hand you your first check!

Special Deal: Lock in your deeply discounted seat with just $100 today AND pick up a free report: How to Earn Back Your Workshop Fee in 90 Days or Less

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Dear Travel Writer,

Recently named the most livable city in the U.S., Little Rock is a great destination for travel writers… 

It’s got all the amenities of a large city with the charm and walkability of a small town – which is why we've chosen it as our destination for this fall’s Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop.

You see, when you travel, there's one way you're sure to get a feel for a place, and that's to put on a pair of comfortable shoes and head out to explore on foot.

You meet people that way.  You see things you never do when you're whizzing by in a car.  You absorb the energy of a place.  And in Little Rock you'll find history, charm and good stories sure to set you on the right path to a rich, new lifestyle full of good food, great times and amazing cultural experiences.

So fun!

In Little Rock this fall, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, unique shops, and local bars to write about with time to sample southern cooking, fresh seafood, or try one of the city’s hip and highly-rated food trucks, too.

With plenty of historical sites to explore, there’s lots to write about that’s history related, too, including the Little Rock Central High School, famous for the Little Rock Nine and their role in the desegregation movement in the 1950s. 

Plus, The Old Mill, the setting for the opening scene in the movie Gone with the Wind.

You can enjoy a lazy afternoon on the lush green grounds, where flowers bloom year-round or head out along the river where you’ll find 14 miles of trails and a sculpture garden.

Or maybe listening to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, or taking in a dinner show with live blues bands is more your thing.

No matter what you choose, this vacation will be so much better than your average city tour. Because on this trip, you’re going to see the city through the eyes of a travel writer… 

And learn how to turn your future travels into paid vacations where resorts, restaurants, hotels, and magazine publishers foot the bill… while you collect handsome paychecks for your “work.”

In just three days -- if you hurry and grab one of only a few last seats -- you’ll…

  • Find out just how easy it is to start exploring the world, meeting new people, and enjoying the freedom and independence of a portable income, no matter where on the planet you choose to live…

  • Walk away knowing the little-known techniques travel writers use to land concert tickets… meals… vacations… and more… without paying a dime…

  • Know exactly what to do to get your name and articles published everywhere — from local newspapers to the world’s most prestigious travel magazines…

  • Have in-hand, at the close of these fun three days, your very own short publishable piece… and the contact information for editors we know who are happy to work with you (even if you've never been published before)…

  • And so much more…

Jump-start your travel writing career in three fun, engaging, eye-opening days.

Take a quick peek inside…

Walk in with only a pen and paper. And walk out with everything you need to turn your treks into checks.

Top four reasons you should try your hand at
travel writing…

  1. It’s fun! You can relax by the pool at a beautiful seaside resort and call it work, and then eat out at a 5-star restaurant in the name of research.

  2. You get paid to do things you’d gladly pay for yourself. Publications will cover many travel expenses, and hotels and restaurants typically will roll out the red carpet for travel writers. Plus, your vacation can become a potential tax write-off.

  3. Bragging rights – not only will you get to see your name in magazines, newspapers, and online travel sites… but you’ll also always have the coolest job to talk about at cocktail parties. Just think of how nice it will be to be taken out of line and shown to the front row or VIP lounge…

  4. You’ll have the chance to discover new things about the world and yourself. You’ll be encouraged to try new things and meet new people, and you’ll see places that the typical tourist will often miss.

Not a writer? Not a problem. Our graduates boast extraordinary successes…

Tamara O’Dell attended our Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in Santa Monica, CA and soon after the event published two travel articles about her hometown in Colorado.

She says, "I simply did what Jen said… I followed her formula… and within a handful of weeks, I'd landed two bylines. They're in a glossy magazine and look great, and I really feel like I got a solid start, fast."

Connie Werner Reichert used what she learned at Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop to land multiple press trips and article bylines. She writes:

“The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop gave me tremendous insight on what's happening right now in the real world of travel writing. Shortly after completing the program, I experienced 10 successful press trips within two years that resulted in a plethora of articles and a good income. I remain thankful for all AWAI has done for me and my career… I snowmobiled in the Yukon in 30 degrees below zero weather, took a crazy jeep drive in Sedona, enjoyed spa days in Mexico, and slept in a hammock in Hawaii. Ten trips was a killer… but it was incredible.”

The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop is also where Tim O'Rielly got his start. Before joining us, he'd never written an article in his life. But as a freelance photographer, he has occasion to travel, and he was looking for a way to get more mileage (and more money) out of his journeys.

Two months after completing the event, Tim’s first full-length feature article about travels in the Mayan World appeared in Vision Magazine followed by two more cover stories for that publication.

He told me, "Your course really spurred me to take action."

Zenaida Des Aubris came to the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop all the way from South Africa. After returning home, she sent me this note:

“I am now in my 8th month of an around the world trip. I am doing my own blog, which, I am happy to report has a subscription of about 2000, plus I am writing for 2 German publications. All thanks to the impetus I received from the course.”

And we always get rave reviews like these on our end-of-event evaluation forms…

--Victoria Carson

--Daniela Perez

--Don Stephan

--Donna Dixon

2019 can be your year to travel farther, live better, and earn more!!

Terri Marshall took the plunge several years ago when she joined one of our workshops, and now she’s a full-time travel writer…

Bel Woodhouse says it’s the best thing she ever did for herself.  It allowed her to quit her regular job in the Australian navy and travel/live wherever she wants…

And if there's any lesson to be learned from these real-life success stories, it's this: You don't need a degree in journalism or a mastery of the English language to become a travel writer. You don't need a fancy laptop or lots of money.

What you do need is an interest in seeing new places and meeting new people… and a willingness to learn the techniques, tricks, and secrets the pros rely on to write the kinds of stories that editors want… and land the amazing perks just sitting there waiting for you to grab them.

And this September in Little Rock, AR, that's exactly what our team of professional writers and editors will show you at our 2019 Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop.

You can do this!
Even if all you've ever written
is a postcard home to your friends…

We'll show you exactly what you need to know. It's simple. And you're going to find it not only enjoyable… but exciting, too.

Now, you could travel and write full-time if you wanted to. But you certainly don't have to make that sort of commitment to cash in on the glamour, the VIP treatment, and the perks.

Travel writing is something you can easily do in your spare time. No experience necessary.

And you don’t even have to travel to make a go of it. After all, where you live is a destination for somebody.

So you can easily write about what there is to see and do in your hometown. And when you do that, you're pretty much guaranteed local celebrity status. That means invites to all sorts of fun stuff — like gallery openings, tourist attractions, new restaurants, and more…

This Fall, on the ground in Little Rock, we'll show you exactly how it's done.

See more. Live more.
Be extraordinary!

Life as a travel writer means…

  • Better vacations

  • Lifelong learning of other cultures, people, and food

  • A way to “stay sharp” long into retirement

  • Options… you choose how and where you want to live

  • Choices… Caribbean beaches, snow-capped mountains, exotic cities

  • And more fun!

If you want to get paid to dine at delectable restaurants… visit your favorite haunts… and turn your insider knowledge of your own hometown into checks that land in your mailbox…

If you want to play on first-rate golf courses and ski the best slopes… find out how to land an incredible deal for a fraction of the usual rate, or maybe no charge at all…

If you want to spend your next birthday on a white-sand beach in Bora Bora… sip tea in an Irish countryside cottage… or spend a day sampling the finest wines and cheeses France has to offer… then The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop is for you.

You'll walk away with easy, proven techniques for landing no-cost trips… real-world advice for turning your travel know-how into cash… tried-and-true ways to transform your vacations into tax-deductible adventures… and more…

And, you’ll be in the perfect place to get started…

With all that Little Rock has to offer — from green spaces and slow river strolls to a wealth of historical sites, to its bustling culture and nightlife — you’ll have plenty to choose from when it comes to writing your first travel article. And we’re going to show you exactly how to do that…

So whether you want to take a walk across the Big Dam Bridge — the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in North America…

Find the perfect boutique shop at the local market…

Learn about the city’s civil rights journey…

Or, go off the beaten path and explore the nation’s only purse museum…

You’ll come across plenty of story ideas… plus, the opportunity to relax and enjoy some down time in the evening, exploring the city’s restaurants, shows, and small-town charm with new friends from the workshop.

Then, we’ll show you exactly how to take those experiences, and transform them into saleable travel articles.

Publishers need authentic stories like these and many will pay you for them.

You’ll get your name in print, and before you know it, editors could be banging down your door begging for more.

"35 days ago, I walked into The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in San Francisco. Prior to that day, I'd never written a thing. Today, I have a byline!” — Mary Anne L.

”Overall, the best workshop I’ve ever attended. Tons of great, useful information with just the right amount of hand-holding.” — Pam P.

"The instructors and success panel members are unique in their willingness to share, help, and give advice. Unlike many other types of workshops, there’s no sense of competition or protecting secrets or territory. This is a huge plus for newbies." — Victoria C.


Ordinary folks, extraordinary successes.
This workshop really works!

Here's a story that'll make you green with envy…

After attending one of these events, Duane and Harlene H. enjoyed an entire summer of travel… free.

And all they had to do in exchange was take good notes about what they did and then make suggestions about whether they'd recommend it to others — or not.

All told, they visited 23 different dude ranches in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana over a three-month period, staying for free an average of three days at each ranch. The total value of their summer stays? About $55,000… and they didn't pay for anything. Not one cent.

What's more, they wrote an article for Steamboat Magazine, a high-end coffee-table publication based in Steamboat Springs, CO that comes out twice a year. And they were paid for their work.

And then there’s Noreen K. Noreen came to our workshop a few years ago in San Diego, and just recently she wrote to me to say she’s surpassed her 400th published article! She’s on a roll…

And you can do this, too!

Join us for these three power-packed days, and within a handful of weeks, you could be getting paid to travel, seeing your name in print, and enjoying some unbelievable perks, too…

That's because this workshop isn't filled with theoretical fluff. We tell you how, in the real world, this industry works. And then we show you — step-by-step — exactly how to navigate your way through it.

That includes staying on top of the changing industry trends—and bringing you the most current templates for what’s working and what’s hot right now.

It means you can avoid the pitfalls that trip up most new travel writers, and instead, steer yourself directly to the bylines you need to guarantee your own success.

Our workshop attendees quickly find success

Following our Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshops, the success stories always come pouring in. 

“Progress report: I am officially a paid writer now! Thanks to the generosity and kindness of the editor(s) at intheknowtraveler.com. This is beyond exciting!! I turned in my 600-word piece yesterday, I got a reply today. The email starts with, ‘We like your article and want to publish it,’ and ends with, ‘I hope to read more of your work in the future.’ How cool is that?!” — Lilibeth P.

“I’m so excited! It’s been two months since the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in New Orleans. Earlier today I received my first payment for an article! I’m a PAID travel writer now!” — Gwyn G.

“My article on Emerald Reef Golf Course and Grand Isle Resort in Great Exuma is the cover story on the January issue of Golf Vacations Magazine. They also used one of my photos as the cover shot!” — Tim C.

“I live in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. I visited Guerrero Negro in Baja to go whale watching. I wrote an article on this fabulous experience and it has been published in the San Felipe newsletter’s December issue. I'm very excited about this as it’s my first publication. I will be featured in the newsletter every month as a travel writer!” — Laurel R.

And believe me, this is only the beginning of the heap of success stories that are piling up on my desk. People are starting to live out their dreams… and you can, too…

“To become a top-notch travel writer and/or photographer you can spend three years gaining experience or three days attending the Ultimate Travel Writer's workshop. Hint: Attend the workshop.” — Sean Alexander

"Great Escape goes to great lengths to equip you for success. All you have to do is start writing and submitting to find your next journey." — Deborah G.

“The workshop convinced me that I can and will be a travel writer! I’m on my way to another career!” — James T.


We’ll introduce you to real publications looking for your articles

In fact, we're so committed to connecting you with real-life opportunities … to helping you take what you learn at the workshop and immediately turn it into a byline and a check… that we're putting on a very special Publication Expo: A Job Fair for Freelance Travel Writers during the program for everyone who attends the workshop.

It's your chance to gain insider information about what more than a dozen different publications are looking for from travel writers… and to learn exactly what you need to do to pitch them your ideas.

We've been in touch with the editors at all these publications. We've interviewed them. Really, we've picked their brains. And we've found out — on your behalf — what, exactly, they're looking for in an article.

We asked about what they like… what drives them nuts… and what you can do to increase your chances of landing a byline there.

Plus, we'll have their writer's guidelines available as well as sample issues of the featured publications. In essence, you'll come away with a roadmap for getting a byline in each one.

And our own experts will be on hand to talk about these newspapers, magazines, and online publications. 

They'll share with you, too, their own hard-won insights about the smartest ways to increase the number of articles you sell and to bump up your income on every piece you write.

Since we hosted our very first Publication Expo eleven years ago, the successes they’ve produced are really unbelievable.

Today, it’s where most attendees get their first published story – in one of the publications profiled at The Expo.

One attendee told us she landed three bylines in publications we profiled at the Publication Expo.

I asked her about her experience, and she said…

"You made it so easy. I mean, I walked around to all the tables at the Expo (drinking my glass of wine — thanks for that — very classy to have cocktails there). I picked up all this great material about each publication. And it included a sample issue of each one, so I could read those at home later and really familiarize myself with them.

"The profiles explained exactly what the editors were looking for — in the editors' own words. And so I just followed the easy directions you laid out there. I immediately landed three stories — within a month of the workshop. It was so exciting to see my name in print. And it gave me my start.

"Honestly, I feel a little like I cheated the system. I mean, aren't budding writers supposed to suffer starting out? I sure didn't. I just did what you showed us how to do. And it got me immediate success. So thanks!"

— Beth C.

Learn the insider keys to writing — and selling stories with ease… plus lots, lots more…

Altogether, at this event in Little Rock, you’ll…

  • Learn how to easily combine your hobbies and interests with your passion for travel… and instantly turn them into income-earners. It'll work with anything: scrapbooking, architecture, music, cooking, knitting, gambling, hunting, hiking, dancing, history… even bar-hopping…

  • Make the critical industry contacts you need and learn exactly how, step-by-step, you turn an idea into a publishable piece… and then how you actually get what you've written into the pages of a magazine, newspaper, or on a website…

  • Discover what’s working for freelancers in 2019. We’re bringing in dozens of experts and panelists to share with you the hottest breaking trends of the year—and how you can capitalize on them to bring in more income… fast.

  • Learn where to find the publications that make the most sense for your story, what to put in your letter to the editor, when to send your article… plus we'll give you the insider's list of what NOT to do (you'd be surprised at how many writers have no idea what makes editors crazy)…

  • Learn how the simple 3-paragraph pitch will sell your ideas to editors in seconds. Plus get a proven formula for writing strong "query letters" from seasoned pros that know what works…

  • Find out 11 surefire ways to guarantee editors will love you…

Would you like to "work" for me?

Dear Reader,

Right now, I need travel stories for three of my print publications (including International Living) and several websites. More specifically, I need some people to write these stories.

If you are interested in coming to "work" for me, you might find yourself exploring the whitewashed towns of Sicily, in the middle of the Mediterranean. Or you could visit the beaches and the wild nightlife of southern Spain. Or maybe you'd prefer to investigate a chain of tropical islands off the coast of Panama, a notorious, 19th-century pirate hideout.

In fact, International Living has published articles about each of these destinations — and I've got dozens of others in mind, places I'd like people to write about for me.

If this idea interests you, I encourage you to attend this Little Rock workshop. I assure you: The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop lives up to its name. In fact, I've already had the great pleasure of paying for and publishing articles written by attendees of past workshops.

We have a tremendous need for well-written travel articles, so if you are interested in the lifestyle this kind of work offers, I urge you to register now.

This is your chance to make that dream a reality. I encourage you to attend.


Jackie Flynn, Publisher, International Living

  • Make writing easy. Learn how to get information to come right to you — you'll never be at a loss for a story idea or the meaty content that will make writing a breeze…

  • Get a simple technique for tripling your travel-writing income… with almost no additional work…

  • Learn why writing about where you live can be so much fun — and such an important first step to take — and how it can easily lead to great paying assignments and amazing perks all over the world…

  • Find out the one big secret you never learned writing “What I did last summer” essays in school. This critical idea separates adequate writers from exceptional ones, and travel editors can tell immediately if you’re in-the-know…

  • Stretch your vacation dollars — save hundreds of dollars a night — when you defray your travel costs with deeply discounted "press rates" at swank hotels around the world. Find out how it's done — what to say and what not to say — and what you can do to increase the chances that next time you'll be asked back for free…

  • Learn the delicate art of arranging a complimentary trip — a seasoned travel writer spills her secrets (including sample letters you can copy) and tells you exactly what to say and who to say it to…

  • And more…

"This workshop was life-changing. Life-affirming. Life-boosting. I would take the money from my savings to do this again. So glad I followed my intuition and jumped right in.” — Cynthia C.

This is our BIGGEST (and ONLY) Ultimate Travel Writer’s Event of 2019! At no other time will all these experts gather together in one place

And it’s almost sold out. You must hurry.

We're only hosting one event like this in 2019 and places are limited. So if you're ready to start getting paid to travel, I encourage you to reserve your place right now.

Our speakers are extraordinarily generous in sharing their hard-won secrets. And that means you can be certain to accelerate your success and cut years off your learning curve.

In fact, that's one of the things our workshop attendees always make a point of telling us: How much they appreciate the friendliness and accessibility of the experts we have on hand. Our speakers aren't folks who just stroll up to a podium, deliver a "speech," and leave.

Instead, they hang around. They answer questions. They tell you their stories. And they make you laugh. They share their own experiences (including the mistakes — so you don't make them). And they guarantee that this long weekend will be not just eye-opening and inspirational — but a lot of fun, too.

Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say about their experiences:

“Great Escape Publishing is a great team of individuals dedicated to equipping new travel writers. The workshop exceeded my expectations and has given me the confidence that I can be a travel writer and photographer starting today.” — Wendy H.

“The best workshop I’ve attended. I feel like I have a ‘leg up’ on anyone who hasn’t attended this workshop. Best three days I’ve spent in a long time. Had a great time and met some amazing people!” — Don S.

“I attend many conferences throughout the year; Great Escape Publishing makes you feel like they are your family. Genuine and inspiring programs, workshops, adventures, emails… professional and very personable.” — Deb B.

"WOW! What a delightfully pleasant surprise. This workshop has done wonders to my drive/desire to get started – really started working towards becoming a published travel writer.” — Lilibeth P.

“Best money I have spent in a very long time! I’m glad that you guys are providing me with tools for my dream to become a reality.” — Daniela P.

You'll find our speakers to be smart, funny, experienced, and accessible

You'll hear from…

Jennifer Stevens is the author of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program (our home-study program) and architect of this workshop.

Jen is the Executive Editor at International Living, and she spent a decade gallivanting around Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, writing about the best locales for overseas travel, retirement, and investment.

It was while working as an editor with IL, that Jen saw first-hand the need to have good stories about destinations across the world (a job too large for a few staff writers) and came up with the idea of filling that gap by teaching beginners how to become travel writers.

She figured out the key things every great travel article needs And went on to build this workshop, to teach it all in a single weekend.

Jen will break everything down into easy to follow, practical advice, anyone can follow.

Always generous with her know-how and infinitely approachable, she'll be on hand this September to give you the insider’s scoop about what editors are really after and hand you blueprints for articles you can follow so easily you’ll find your pieces published in no time. Plus she'll show you how to polish your articles in just such a way that editors will be transfixed.

Jen’s going to share some powerful secrets such as;

  • How to write your first article in less than 20 minutes
  • Five secret weapons you can use as a travel writer…
  • The single most important skill to make editors love you
  • And more!

"Jen is a vivacious communicator and a word gourmet. It’s refreshing to learn from someone who not only knows her field, but has found refreshing ways to teach it.” — Deborah G.

"It’s obvious that Jennifer is a true professional in her industry. Her expertise shines through as she teaches in a ‘by example’ format. She is fun and funny and very entertaining. You can’t help but learn from her.” — Donna D.

“Jennifer is very knowledgeable on the subject. She is very alive, down to earth, makes you feel capable and comfortable and has amazing listening skills.” — Nancy P.

Kyle Wagner is a freelance writer, former food critic, and former long-time Travel Editor at the Denver Post. Kyle dished out her opinions on dining in Denver for 12 years before she moved to the Post. Her love of food found her traveling the world in search of the best meals, which served her well when the previous travel editor retired from the Post and Kyle got the job.

In Little Rock, she’ll share her invaluable insider knowledge of what makes travel editors tick, how to write an attractive query, how to break into newspaper travel sections, and how to break into food writing -- a great niche for beginners to try.

Kyle has a 360-degree view of how both sides of the travel writing world works, and the best places to get in. She’s especially savvy with pitches and will show you simple things you can do to get an editor’s attention and keep them coming back for more. Her secret weapon is the “3 Paragraph Pitch” which she’ll share with you in Little Rock.

“I love Kyle’s energy! She has the rare gift to be entertaining and fabulously informative at the same time! I’ve heard her present before, but I always come away with something new.” — Sarita S.

“Kyle is a great combination of no-nonsense business and humor. Very practical advice from an experienced person with the inside track.” — Amy M.

“Kyle presents her knowledge and experience in a classy way. Enjoyable and informative, her wealth of info is free-flowing and practical.” — Penny Z.

Ian Aldrich is the Deputy Editor for Yankee Magazine and a native New Englander. For the last decade, Ian has worked and freelanced for Yankee, writing feature stories and overseeing the magazine’s digital platform.

In this last year alone, Yankee has expanded by leaps and bounds – including producing its own television show - and in Little Rock, Ian will share with you everything you need to know about how the travel writing industry is changing and show you exactly what you can to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Ian can show you everything from how to get multiple stories from the one location… to how to turn your niche ideas into articles that sell.

“Ian was genuine and humble in his approach and conveyed a real interest in the attendees.” — Beth W.

“Ian is knowledgeable, funny, and as layered as the publication he represents.” — Carolyn B.

Tracey Minkin is the Senior Editor of Travel and Features at Coastal Living, an award-winning luxury magazine and digital brand specializing in homes, destinations, food, style, and personalities from the coasts of North America and beyond. During her career, Tracey has worked as a freelance writer and as an editor for regional and national magazines – so she knows exactly how to pitch to many different kinds of publications. Her writing has been anthologized in collections and has won both regional and national awards; she was a contributing author to Fodor’s The Thirteen Colonies, a historical/cultural travel guidebook; and she was the founding editor of a Providence, Rhode Island-based digital news and information platform, GoLocalProv.

In Little Rock Tracey will show you how to think like a travel writer with simple, daily exercises that will revolutionize your writing. And she’ll share a simple formula for creating a story lede that will draw readers in.

“Tracey’s knowledge, experience and personality are exactly what beginning travel writers need.” – Andy Wilson

“Loved Tracey’s advice and her publication. The fact that she started as freelance and then landed the editorial job at the magazine is inspiring.” – Gayle Irwin

“I appreciate hearing Tracey’s perspective of print and digital and felt it most relevant to both the evolving publishing landscape and my personal interests.” – Michele Bliss

And more…

Now, it's early still, and this workshop is some time away. But we're already busy sending out speaker invitations to editors at a host of publications. These are people who hire writers just like you and who are always in the market for stories they can pay for to fill up their pages.

In September, these "guest editors" will talk to you about their own particular niches and how to guarantee you can break in with ease. For instance, you'll hear about food writing — how to write about restaurants, what to make sure you include in your reviews, tricks for evaluating cafés, bars, and restaurants, and more…

And we'll be hosting personalized reviews with our editors, sessions where you can throw out article ideas and they'll respond to them — tell you why one will work and another won't — and I guarantee, you'll learn more valuable lessons here than you can imagine.

There's just nothing quite like hearing what makes a "printable" article right from the expert who could print it.

Plus, we're inviting a wide variety of freelance writers who will share with you the lessons they've learned over the years and the secrets they know to apply every time they sit down to write.

Like Noreen Kompanik, who after attending this very workshop, went quickly from beginner… to in-demand travel writer… world traveler… and now leader of our Travel Writer’s Café.  She’ll share her secrets to landing press trips and travel perks so you can travel more without a hefty expense.

She’ll show you how she landed press trips to Hawaii, Japan, Mexico and beyond… and how you can too even if you’re a beginner today.

Former attendee-turned-travel writer Theresa St. John will share her love of writing local stories and why she considers it a fast, easy, low-stress and lucrative way to land a lot of bylines in a short amount of time.

Plus, every year we invite a success panel of past attendees to come back and share their real-world successes.

It’s an incredible opportunity to talk to someone who has been in your shoes, and made the leap from participant to travel writer, using the same tools you’ll have before you this September.

This is the kind of stuff it would take you years to figure out on your own. But our speakers will spare you the trouble, frustration, and time… and just cut to the chase.

That way you're sure to be using your time and energies wisely. There's no more efficient — or fun — way to learn this stuff and guarantee you're up-and-running, enjoying the perks of a writer's life fast.

Special Bonus:

Triple your opportunity. Triple your income - with this extra skill

Practical (You can do it with a point-and-shoot) lessons from a professional photographer, too…

In addition to the wealth of travel writing know-how you’ll access at this event, we've integrated something else very special — and useful — into the workshop…

A revealing presentation by a seasoned professional photographer.

Most travel writing workshops or programs don’t cover this. But we know the complete article-photo package can be a big hit with editors.  A few simple real-life photos to go with your article is a great way to get an editor’s attention, and double or even triple your income while you’re at it!

While it’s not an essential skill, the truth is photos help you sell your articles. You don't need a fancy camera, previous skills, or experience to take the kinds of shots that can illustrate your stories beautifully.

In this BONUS session, you'll learn some easy techniques you can put into practice immediately to take better shots every time.

We’re going to show you how to easily transform a vacation snapshot into a photo you can sell. And how to put together an article-photo package that will have editors knocking at your door.

Using the “article-photo package” is a sure-fire way to sell more stories!

  • Joan Airey from Rivers, Manitoba, took a three-day trip to Harbour Lights B&B in Vernon, BC, in the heart of the Okanagan. She sold eight stories from that one trip. What’s more, the photographs Joan shot to go with those stories will net her another $600.

  • Her clients fly her across the country to write and photograph Australia! Paula Heelan tells us, “I write regularly for different magazines and newspapers (mostly in Australia) and sell my articles and photos as the complete package. Because I live in a rural area (virtually the outback!), I write about what’s happening around me.  But I’ve also been flown across the country to write and photograph unusual things — which is thrilling… I love it so much. I can’t believe it’s happening!”

  • It’s fun seeking out photographic moments! Lynne Christen says, “My photographs have been published (for additional pay), along with travel articles, in Columbus Business First, Columbus, OH, and in the NW Florida Daily News, Fort Walton Beach, FL. In both of these cases, the availability of photographs meeting their requirements was a key to selling the accompanying articles.”

Of course, all of that is just a small sampling of the kind of real-world insights this program delivers…

“Many thanks for the wonderful seminar. It was most worthwhile from all aspects and we would attend another in a heartbeat. The material covered was extensive but well presented. We were impressed by our well-qualified and informed instructors.”— Duane and Harlene H.

“If you [have] any aspirations to become a travel writer, attend Great Escape Publishing’s Travel Writer’s Workshop. It will get you prepared, motivated, and excited to get started now. You’ll save a lot of time and headaches and speed up your learning curve greatly.” — Scott K.

“When you sign up for the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop, expect the following: a jam-packed agenda delivered by experienced experts who will challenge you and provide excellent value for your investment. The only thing they won’t do is send out your articles. That part is up to you. And you’ll be well equipped to do it!” — Erin G.

The world’s best locations – on THEIR tab – and they'll pay you to write about it!

Join us, and we’ll guide you step-by-step. You’ll walk away with one… possibly even two… articles ready for publication.

You’ll have some of the leading experts in the field guiding your way, sharing their tips and secrets. And as I mentioned before, Little Rock has plenty of attractions to write about, so you’ll have an easy time coming up with your first story idea.

You know, there are other "writing workshops" out there. But I want to be clear — this event is different than anything else you'll find. It's not the kind of thing where you just hear from some writers who share their stories to inspire you.

We do that, too, mind you. I mean, I guarantee you'll come away invigorated and ready to really jump into travel writing. But we take things a few steps further. We hand you a roadmap you can follow to really make it happen.

Our experts will actually give you a success plan you can work through — day-by-day — so you can have an article to an editor within two weeks of going home. We're all about action.

We'll introduce you to a system that, when coupled with a bit of persistence, is so powerful, our past workshop attendees are getting their work published like there’s no tomorrow.

The information you'll gain at this workshop could, quite literally, change your life — it has already for so many of our past attendees who, today, are working travel writers.

Here’s what our workshop architect, Jennifer Stevens, has to say about the program:

“The idea is that for these three days, you immediately apply what you learn. In my view, it's not really useful to just sit back and scribble notes on a pad of paper. Yet that's what you typically do in seminars.

“What IS useful, on the other hand, is to roll up your sleeves, lean forward, and really put what the speakers are showing you into practice. And that's what we do. And we don't leave you hunched over, staring at a blank piece of paper and struggling with what to say or how to say it …

“… we provide step-by-step instruction on exactly what you need to do to put an article together. Follow these formulas, and you’ll always know what to put first and what to write next.

"And then, of course, we show you what to do after that, how — and where — to sell this article you've just written.”

Jennifer Stevens
author of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program
and architect of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop

Plus, what’s great is that this program comes with an affordable price tag. You might reasonably expect this workshop to cost two or three thousand dollars. After all, you're getting extraordinary access to industry experts and guidance from professional writers who will share with you the insights and secrets they've learned on-the-job. And it would be worth every penny. You'd recoup it quickly enough, after all.

But it won't cost you anywhere near that.

Save BIG with a Summer Sale Discount for a limited time only

We could reasonably charge $2,000 to $3,000 dollars for an event of this caliber, not to mention the accessibility to the professional travel writers on staff. And it would be worth every penny.

But when you secure a seat during this sale, you can take advantage of a BIG discount.

The “At the Door” price of this event is $1,997. However, book now and you can take advantage of a big $400 early-registration discount.

This means that if you register today, you'll only pay $1,597 to attend (money you can earn back on your first trip as a travel writer).

As with all of our events, the earlier you register the better. If you want to attend the event in Little Rock this coming September, reserve your seat NOW. The price only goes up from here, and as I mentioned before this is our ONLY Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop of 2019.

To register a guest and pay less for the second seat, please call our office at (561) 860-8266. The office is closed after 6 PM on Fridays and does not reopen until 8 AM Monday morning.

Register Now, Pay Later

Plus, when you reserve your spot now, you can lock in your $400 discount with a small deposit of just $100 down today.

When you do, you lock in the discounted workshop price and you split your fee into three easy payments. You can spread them out comfortably over the next few months… and still lock in your $400 summer sale discount.

This event is sold out. If you’d like to check in and see if we get any last-minute cancels and a seat opens up, please email Kacyn here.


  • Three full days of intensive workshop sessions geared to produce a publishable article…

  • Marketing advice from professionals like Jennifer Stevens, Kyle Wagner, Ian Aldrich, Tracey Minkin and others.

  • Admission to our annual Publication Expo where you’ll discover dozens of publications open to working with new writers.

  • Small group writing sessions where you’ll get feedback on your work from professionals in the field.

  • Marketing advice about where and how to sell your travel articles for fun income.

  • A special group lunch (on us!) on the last day of the workshop.

  • Personal assistance throughout the program from our staff.

  • Hot breakfast and coffee breaks, daily.

  • Lifetime access to workshop presentations from every class session, so that you can review what you learn in your favorite chair at home.

  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share travel plans, meet one another before the event, and stay connected post-event... (some attendees have said access to this group after the event is worth the entire cost of the workshop!)

  • Pre-event guidance from Great Escape Publishing Staff including what to expect, what to pack for the weather, equipment list, and travel tips.

  • And more including extra bonuses (more details below)…

Getting paid to explore the world could completely change your life, and make each day a new adventure that you love waking up to. The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop is your best opportunity yet to jump into the travel writer’s lifestyle…

… the best way to learn how you can travel with class. Relax in luxury. Enjoy prestige. See and do more than “tourists,” even the wealthiest among them, could ever dream.

If you like the idea of getting paid to travel to exotic locations around the globe, and if you want to begin a sideline or a full-time career as a travel writer, join me and my colleagues, Sept. 13-15, 2019 in Little Rock, AR.

Space is limited for this program, however, and this is the only travel-writing workshop like this we'll be hosting in 2019. So I strongly urge you to reserve your place now, while you can be guaranteed a seat and take advantage of the best price on admission you’ll see.

This workshop is going to be bigger and better than ever before — with a broader scope, more speakers, more sessions, and more on-the-ground insights. Truth is, there’s a lot of change happening in the travel-writing industry right now, and we’re handing you a front-row ticket, so you can skip the learning curve, and start living the travel writer’s life faster than you ever imagined possible.

I encourage you to act quickly – before the price goes up shortly -- while seats are open and generously discounted.


Lori Allen 
Director, Great Escape Publishing

P.S. YOUR FREE BONUSES! When you register today you’ll pick up these free bonuses:

BONUS #1: A roadmap for busy travel writers – How to Fit the Travel Writer’s Life into an Already Busy Schedule by Theresa St. John. 

When Theresa attended this workshop in 2013 she barely had two nickels to rub together and a full-time job that was taking up 60 or more hours in her week.  Now that she’s successful, she created this guide for us in case you, too, are worried about how you’ll fit the travel writer’s life into your already-busy schedule.  It’s how she did it when she first started out.

Theresa says: “Becoming a travel writer has been life-changing for me.  I needed this and it’s important that others don’t let the good old ‘no time’ excuse get in the way.”

BONUS #2: The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations for Travel Writers in 2019.  Discover what the travel trends look like this year -- both here in the U.S. and abroad.

BONUS #3: An Editor’s Guide to Polish. You’re going to get everything you need at The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop.  This guide is a checklist you can print out to ensure your emails and travel stories don’t fall under typical rookie mistakes and that you haven’t forgotten anything when you’re writing.  It’s a fail-safe you can use when you’re just starting out so that you feel (and look) confident and polished.

BONUS #4: How to Earn Back Your Workshop Fee in 90 Days or Less --  A practical guide that looks at the monetary side of travel writing and adds it all up for you showing you what to do first, second and third to earn back your workshop fee in the quickest time possible.  Even if you’re a beginner.

Again, these special reports are yours FREE when you REGISTER TODAY through this special offer!

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If you're ready to explore the world, meet new people, and enjoy the freedom and independence of a portable income, no matter where on earth you choose to live, you won't find a more efficient way to make it happen.

Don't wait until 2020 (or later) to turn your dreams into reality. Spend just three days with us this September and you’ll finally understand why so many people are attracted to this great life.

No more waiting around for the perfect time.  No more wondering where to begin…

Make this the year you get paid to do something you fun… something that turns your life into mini adventures and your travels into paychecks.

Diana R. said, “My favorite luxury travel and spa writing perk was when my husband and I spent a week floating French canals on a 12-passenger barge -- entirely free of charge.”

Stan S. says one of his top three all-time favorite travel writing perks was “my pampered cruise through Patagonia around Cape Horn, the southernmost land mass in the world, with excursions that included walking amid thousands of penguins and sipping cocktails from atop a glacier.” A runner up included a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage. Mark’s two-page feature article won him a week-long sailing trip for two in Croatia!

This event is sold out. If you’d like to check in and see if we get any last-minute cancels and a seat opens up, please email Kacyn here.

* This price includes the workshop only. The cost of your transportation to and from Austin, your in-town transportation, meals not listed above, and your overnight accommodation, is extra.


Guarantee # 1— I guarantee that the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop will provide you all the insider tools and secrets you need to get paid to travel. We’re focused on success in the real world, and we’ll walk you through what you need to do, step-by-simple-step.

Guarantee # 2— I guarantee we’ll deliver the how-to intelligence you need to start writing articles that sell, landing your name in print, and cashing in on all the great perks travel writers can enjoy—from discounted travel perks to invitations for on-the-house travel. No prior experience necessary.

Guarantee # 3— I guarantee we’ll treat you fairly should you register and then find you need to cancel. Though all our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable before the event, when you give us at least 30 days’ notice of a cancellation, we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $100 processing fee. Cancellations received with less than 30 days’ notice may be subject to extra fees.

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We've made special arrangements for accommodations at The Little Rock Marriott for your stay with our special group rate of $139 USD per room, per night, single or double occupancy, plus tax and incidentals.

This rate is only good through Monday, August 12, 2019 or until the block is full. Rooms are first come, first served.

Occasionally The Little Rock Marriott may offer special rates and/or packages for their smaller rooms through various internet sites… feel free to check and see if a special rate is available that catches your eye… you might get lucky and save even more over the already discounted group price we've arranged.

If you’d like to share a room with another participant, we encourage you to make a post on our Little Rock Facebook page once you’re registered. This is a closed group and only participants coming to the event can gain access to the page.


You are responsible for booking your own flight. I recommend using a website like Kayak.com to check flight prices. The code for Clinton National Airport in Little Rock is LIT.

You are also responsible for arranging transportation from the airport to the hotel and back. Airport shuttles, taxis, Uber, and Lyft are available in Little Rock. Complimentary shuttle service is also available to The Little Rock Marriott (5am to 11pm, reservation required).

CANCELLATION POLICY: All our workshops and expeditions are non-refundable before the event. If, however, you are unable to attend – and you give us at least 30 days’ notice – we will be happy to apply your payment toward a future workshop, minus a $100 processing fee for stateside Ultimate workshops. Cancellations with less than 30 days’ notice may be subject to extra fees.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. I’ve written articles about travel insurance before – how to know when you need it and whether or not it’s a good deal – so I can send you those when you register.

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